this is my blog! a crazy one!
i love everything. im not just one thing i love supernatural.
( is my whole life)
but i like too teen wolf, and my new obsession GAME OF THRONES.

-30 second to mars *0* god blees leto brother
- Aerosmith save my life so many times. ( if you want to know me just listen crying, fly away from here)
i love lesbians <3 (sorry mama but is true!)
i love to draw ( is the only thing i can do) writing to but i'm not so good.
i 21 years old! -.- i hate my self so hard,
i unistable boy how has tried so many time to kill my self.
my english suck but i tried....

--- algun dia queiro vivir en new york, hay todo todos los artistas tienen una oportunidad de ser alguien ( pro mi mayor sueno es ir y lavar trastes y vivir en un loft con vista a un callejon de mala muerte.)

---- ASK me/ haganme preguntas me gusta contestar cosas.

--- si me siguen no se arrepentiran. (pro si lo hacen no me hagan unfollow my gordo corazon no lo soportaria.)